African Americans in Thoroughbred Racing

About the Project

The Black Turf Project: African Americans in Thoroughbred Racing is planned as a multimedia educational experience that will bring to life one of the least known yet most important sports stories in American history—African Americans in Thoroughbred Racing. Covering a history, that begins in Africa, and migrates with the slave trade to Colonial America, the horse-racing achievements of African Americans reach their peak in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. African American jockeys and trainers dominance on the turf is suffocated by Jim Crow and other socio-economic factors, causing a forced exodus of some the most talented riders to foreign turfs in the early 20th century.

Through film, fine art, and an educational website, Black Turf will explore key figures and events in the history of African American Thoroughbred Racing. The Kentucky Derby Museum will be the host of The Black Turf Project premier at a date to be announced.

Contact Info

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